Weight on the Lord: Biblical Weight Loss Program


This weekend was the Reformers Unanimous kickoff weekend at our church. We had Bro Benjamin Burks (National RU Director) come in and spend the weekend with us. He trained our church members, and more importantly (to me, anyways, I had already been to Rockford for training…) he preached on Sunday. I woke up Monday feeling physically exhausted from a long weekend, but I felt spiritually renewed! So many truths were revealed on Sunday that I’m going to have a lot of studying to do from here to Christmas! He set up a book table (I can’t tell you how thankful I am that he did that. Everyone that attended Sunday services left with something!) and I picked up a few books that I have been wanting to read. The numero uno is “Weight on the Lord”. It’s designed to help the participant overcome the stronghold of FOOD! I just started this journey and I can’t wait to see what the Lord reveals to me!

WP_20151006_002It’s not gimmicky, it’s not a “when all other weightloss programs have failed” program. It’s bible study, meditation, understanding the sinful nature of our hearts, and bringing that to the Lord to gain victory over emotional eating, gluttony, and over indulgence. I can’t wait!! I’m doing a challenge or two per week.

WP_20151006_004It’s set up into two phases. Phase one.

WP_20151006_005And phase two. Each phase has 16 challenges. I am going to do roughly 2 challenges per week. Maybe on some weeks (the challenges get harder as the program progresses) I’ll only do one challenge. I’m shooting for 12 weeks total. I’m going to guess that the challenges that require exercise are going to be my once per week challenges, lol.

WP_20151006_003Since the daily journal and the WotL curriculum is bound in the same book, I used some tabs to divide my journal. It was hard to find the text. For some reason it gets lost in between the other sections. Now I have easy navigation.

I can’t wait to keep you updated on my progress. I don’t have a goal weight or a goal amount of weight I want to lose. I mostly want to develop healthier habits.

Enjoy! ❤


2 thoughts on “Weight on the Lord: Biblical Weight Loss Program

  1. Joanie Alfors says:

    Hello, I am hoping to start this Weight on the Lord program at a nearby church. Wondering how it worked out for you. Thanks for any feedback you are able to give and blessings to you.


  2. acculturatedhousewife says:

    Hi, Joanie! Weight on the Lord has been a tremendous blessing! While I have lost 12 pounds while doing it, it’s so much more than a weight loss “program”– it’s a Spirit control program! It’s also helped me in other areas in my life where I had been living in excess. I hope you’re doing well!


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