Noodler’s Nightshade: An ink from the InkDrop


Man, this pic doesn’t do this ink ANY justice! I’m a baller on a budget, so my camera quality is cellphone grade. BUT, this ink is a great fall color and Noodler’s is generally affordable. Hmmmm… might have to put this one in the que!

WP_20151007_003It’s a reddish, brownish, purpleish ink. It’s feminine enough for me (I like girly stuffs), but it’s not too over the top lady like for guys. My husband thought it was really nice and he’s a black or blue kind of guy.

WP_20151007_002I’ve been using it to write out my memory verses for Reformers Unanimous and it’s a pleasure to look at!

I can’t wait to try the other colors. Next one I’m going to fill a pen with is De Atramentis “Fog Grey”. We are expecting to get rain in the next several days, so I’ll probably ink up a pen then. I love grays for stormy weather. ❤

Happy Scribbing!

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