Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator (Magenta)


Looooook what I got today!! My order from xFountainPens can in today! FREE shipping on orders over $15, which is easy to do!

WP_20151008_033Here’s my loot! Chesterfield 25ml of Antique Copper and the Singularity.

WP_20151008_035Here’s the Singularity.

penpic1I am so happy with the color of this ink! It’s like writing in liquid penny!

penpic4I ordered the pen with a F nib. I have another Singularity in clear and I love the nib on it. I’m really happy with how this pen writes. It’s affordable and decent quality. I use my other Singularity for daily use: note taking, writing in my planner, etc. It can really take a beating. It tends to get thrown into my purse a lot.

penpic3I know the manufacturer thinks this is “magenta”, but it’s clearly purple. No complaints here!

Happy Scribbing! ❤


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