De Atramentis “Fog Grey”: InkDrop “Witching Hour” Color Sample


Here is another color from this month’s ink sample from the Ink Drop offered at Goulet Pens. This one is De Atramentis “Fog Grey” and it is living up to its name! It’s a creamy dreamy grey color that is perfect for those stormy October nights (and days!) and that crisp fall weather.



pilotpic3It’s an even ink. Some of my gray inks tend to go from dark to light as I write, but this one is staying pretty even. I’m using a Pilot Metropolitan and the nib is medium, which is a little on the fine side when using a Japanese pen.

pilotpic4At first glance it looks like these small vials won’t go the distance, but I can easily see this ink lasting me well into spring.

pilotpic5I used a Clairefontaine 1951 Back to Basics notebook for testing this ink. I highly recommend Clairefontaine paper for wet ink. Zero feathering, slight ghosting, and smooth writing!

Happy scribbing! ❤

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