Falling for Pencils!


With the weather kind of willy nilly (warm, but foggy, warm, but rainy, pleasant, but hurricane force winds…) I decided that it’s the perfect season for the pencil. The weather of the Coastal Bend makes me crave that cedar-y goodness and today I got my hands on some KOH-I-NOOR pencils. I picked up some traditional and some MAGIC pencils.

pencilpic5I picked up a 5 pack set at Michael’s for about eight bucks. I used a 50% off coupon and paid four bucks. Now we’re talkin’!

pencilpic2 I’ve been wanting to try the Magic set for a while. It will make for fun thank you and greeting cards!

pencilpic1The set I bought came with Magic Original, Magic America, Magic Neon, Magic Fire, and Magic Tropical.


pencilpic3Pretty fancy, right?! They’re hexagonal and pretty fat. They’re exactly my preference! They’re really easy to manipulate on the paper: spinning while writing to get the swirly twirly colors to really pop!

pencilpic9And my husband bought me some plain Jane 2B pencils. Perfectly encased in California cedar, they have high opacity and are clean erasing. I like the dipped ends myself.

pencilpic7Mmmmm, pencil-y goodness!

pencilpic8They came sharpened and ready to scrib!

Happy scribbing!


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