Highlighter Pencils: Marco N E O N pencils


Last month while I was visiting my dad for Labor Day, I picked up some neon highlighter pencils at Jerry’s Artarama in Austin, Texas. I’ve been wanting to try these for quite some time and the price was perfect: about five bucks for a set of six. JetPens sells them, too, for roughly the same price.

WP_20151014_002N E O N color pencils are great for highlighters on office & school media such as faxes and photocopies. The leads are specially formulated to produce a brilliant highlight effect and never run dry. (Perfect for creative projects!)


I bought the traditional 6 highlighter colors : Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Blue, Green. These pencils came in stylish blackwood!


WP_20151014_004I uses these for underlining in my Bible. I also use a small clear ruler I picked up at Mardel. One side is smooth and the other is bumpy. I use the bumpy side for underlining God’s promises, or every time God says “I will” in the book of Psalms, etc.


WP_20151014_006My husband has the good camera today, so it’s a bit blurry. You can sort of make out the orange color. In real life the color is fairly vibrant. Depending on the paper, these pencils can get pretty intense. This Bible has classic onion skin paper, so it didn’t come out very saturated. Overall, highlighter pencils are a good alternative to classical highlighting. Enjoy!

Happy Scribbing! ❤

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