greenroom 3 pack notebooks

Today I wanted to share with y’all a three pack of notebooks. This pack of notebooks are roughly B5 size and are bright, thin, and portable! Easily placed inside of a notebook, folder, purse, or messenger bag.



WP_20151015_004Here all three of them are sprawled out. See how thin they are? Also, they’re made with paper containing 60-70% recycled fiber and printed with soy based ink! Healthy and cute!!

WP_20151015_007This is the side view of them. The covers are flexible, but durable. They almost have a plastic coating feel on them, but not quite. It’s still paper. Almost like cardstock.

WP_20151015_005The paper is a creamy color and a toothy texture. The lines are dotted, which I really like. My Campus notebooks by Kokuyo are the same style. My planner is made by the same company as these notebooks. It’s not super fountain pen friendly, but if you write with a fine nib it’s acceptable. Anything broader than that and there’s tons of feathering. I prefer to use a nice pencil or gel pen.

Happy Scribbing! ❤


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