Pencil Pride!

WP_20151016_004 (2)

Today’s post is about “pencil pride”. I love a good pencil. I love the feel of it, the memories of first learning to use one, and the smell. Mostly the smell. (I’m a weirdo, I know…) There’s something about the fall and the cooler weather that makes me appreciate the blend of wood and graphite. ❤

WP_20151016_005 (2)These are my pencils in rotation as of right now. A Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth TOISON D’OR 1900 HB, a vintage “Shipley’s Do-nuts” pencil, a vintage Bluebell Ice Cream pencil, and of course, the newly acquired Mitsubishi Nano Dia 2B in green.

WP_20151016_008Slowly but surely, my pencil collection is expanding as I learn more and more about them. The cluster of pencils in the rubber band are my husband’s Crayola pencils from middle school! Can you believe it?! I was recently gifted a bag of pens, pencils and markers. I wrote about it here. So many to sift through!

Happy Scribbing and Enjoy! ❤

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