Demonstrating Love for Demonstrators!


I love Love LOVE demonstrator fountain pens! There’s just something about being able to see the guts of a pen that make them fascinating to use!


penpic8Jinhao makes a superb demonstrator! I got mine in clear orange from Jetpens. For under ten bucks, this pen definitely out performs its price range!


penpic10Nemosine pens are yet another affordable pen that writes well. I love the nib on Nemosine pens. Not too broad and not too fine– it’s just right!


penpic2Platinum preppy pens: in my opinion this “disposable” fountain pen out performs the Pilot Varsity every singe time. You can replace the cartridge in these for under three bucks, so, SCORE!


penpic4Pilot Plumix– which I love the nib. I use this for italic print and like other Pilot products it’s a great product for a decent price. You can use the Pilot cartridges in this pen. I’m a cheapskate, so I use a syringe to refill my cartridges instead of buying more.

penpic3And of course, the JetPens mini nib! Pocket sized and see through, this pen is a decent performer for about three bucks.

Happy Scribbing and ENJOY!

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