Books for a Season…


Every Sunday between morning and evening church service I like to head over to Half Price Books and browse. It’s my time away to collect myself as a person and to be an effective parent for the week ahead. I leave the kiddos with my husband and spend an hour or so sifting though the many volumes, paperbacks, and the discarded. Reading is something I adore. I don’t think I would be a whole person if I couldn’t read. There’s something about the written word that is just… magical.

On an end cap by the science fiction and fantasy books was a strange find: “A Celebration of the Age of Paper: An Elegy” written by Ian Sansom. Sometimes books shout from their shelves and this book was definitely screaming at me. So, I bought it.


As a fan of ink and paper, this book is going to be a joy to read during the upcoming weeks. Fall and winter are my “read all the books” seasons, so I am very excited to add this one to the line up!

IMG_0026Inside jacket.

IMG_0027Back cover.

IMG_0028And then I picked up David Wong’s new book “Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits”. I didn’t think I would find this at Half Price Books, yet there it was, nestled in with old copies of Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. For whatever reason I don’t care about because I FOUND IT! Of course Half Price gives a price cut and although I can buy this on my Kindle, some books are worth owning as tree books. If you haven’t read David Wong’s other books: “John Dies at the End” (movie was mild garbage, book was WAYYYY better) and “This Book is Full of Spiders”, I suggest you get on it! Any self respecting nerd deserves to read them for the betterment of nerdkind. They’re up there with “Ready Player One”. No, really.

IMG_0029Back cover is a bionic one finger salute.


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