Fountain Pen in the Wild


Tonight I was finally able to really put pen to paper in a real world setting: notes! I used a Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator (clear, M nib) and a Platinum Preppy (03, F) to scrib at both services today. It’s been a while since I have had the opportunity to attend a service (I’m usually somewhere else, like the nursery, or teaching a Sunday school class, etc.). I jump at the opportunity to put miles on my pens and today was prime! I actually got to use the pens in three services since my husband had to serve in the early service. I tagged along.

IMG_0037Of course it’s filled with Emerald of Chivor, but that might just change because my TWSBI Eco and J Herbin Moon Dust Purple arrive this week from JetPens! Talk about smooth! This pen is one of my favorites for when I need to really get down to work. The paper I used for notes wasn’t half bad, either. It’s a thick notecard type paper and there’s hardly any feathering. You almost have to put the tip of your nose to the paper to see it and even then it’s hardly noticeable.

IMG_0036My Platinum Preppy got some exercise today. If you’ve never tried a Platinum Preppy, I highly suggest it. It completely changed my mind about disposable fountain pens!

IMG_0035I used my vintage Pelikan 120 to write some memorization out. I have to write to memorize and what better way to do that than with some wet ink and a nib??

IMG_0033Once again, the ink is clear, even, and vibrant. I read a lot of reviews about the sparkly J Herbin inks that it clogged the pen and made it skip, etc. Not once has this ink caused a pen to hiccup and I have used it in about five different pens. Fine nibs on down to italic nibs, nothing has stopped this ink from being anything but beautiful and an absolute joy to write with! ❤

Happy Scribbing!


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