A (not so) Simple Plan


Tonight I am (re)planning our homeschool year up until Christmas break. I say “(re)plan” because I had the fall term all planned out and decided to change my son’s curriculum a bit and now I have to update my planner. I know I should be excited about doing planner stuff, but homeschool planning is no fun for me. It really is work!

IMG_0088I use “A Simple Plan Planner for the Homeschooling Family.” This planner really is simple. It breaks down the things that need to be broken down and its usability is flawless. It’s especially great for large homeschooling families. That being said, it super sucks when I have to go and whiteout a month and a half of planning because I’m the genius that decides to switch curriculum a third of the way into our academic year. Le sigh.

IMG_0093Tonight I come prepared: whiteout, Pilot Frixion pen and markers, metal ruler, and a planner stencil. Time to get to work!

IMG_0090Honestly, my monthly pages aren’t bad and I didn’t have to make any adjustments. I don’t really use the calendar feature because I use that feature in my main planner.

IMG_0089In the sections that plan out supplies, reading lists, special activities, and things to accomplish, there wasn’t a need to adjust, either. Once again, I mostly write those items in my personal planner.

IMG_0086Here we go. I have about eight of these pages to whiteout and then re-write assignments and lesson plans. YIPPEE!


IMG_0095These guys are going to be my best friends tonight. I thought about painting some primer over all the pages that needed adjustment. It would be faster, but my common sense finally caught up with the rest of me and I decided I should stick to good ol’ fashioned white out.

IMG_0094LESSON LEARNED: USE ERASABLE THINGS TO FIX/ADJUST/MAKE CORRECTIONS. I mean, duh, right? I am using the Frixion markers for color coding assignments and the Frixion pen for details and notes.

Work smarter, not harder, right?

Happy Scribbing!

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