A Pencil Surprise!

I recently placed my first (of many more!) order with CW Pencil Enterprise. I ordered for myself, but I also placed a surprise order for my dad. He’s a pen and paper collector, so I ordered him the Public Supply notebook 3 pack and for nostalgia’s sake, I ordered him a vintage Mongol 2B. He was happy with his gifts, of course, but he was even more excited about the presentation. It was packaged so nice for just a simple pencil and a few notebooks. It really made an impact!


My dad says,

Great stuff. Nice packaging
And a Mongol 2B !!
Thanks kid

What a classy shop! It’s so much fun to get things in the mail and to have them presented nicely is as exciting as the item itself! I highly recommend taking a cyber trip (or even visit her storefront IRL– she’s in New York!) and browsing through her awesome collection of pencils, paper, and pencil accessories!

Happy Scribbing!

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