Pen-handling in the Rain


It’s storming outside for the next several days thanks to a hurristorm in the gulf somewhere by Mexico. That means I’m stuck inside with three kiddos and the internet. Today I decided to re-nib a Pelikan 120 since it had a fine nib and I’m just not into fine nibs as of yet.

WP_20151022_005Getting all my supplies together. All of my nibs were inherited from my dad and are about older than I am! (I’m 33, so that’s really saying something!) In fact, all of my vintage pens were a gift from my dad. He owns and uses several from “back in his day”, but eventually those will be mine, too. I own the majority of his collection. It’s pretty cool to use the same pens my dad used when he was a kid.


WP_20151022_006I chose a flat italic stumpy looking nib. I love the way my handwriting looks in a medium nib, but an italic nib really sets it apart!

WP_20151022_008I’ve replaced it and now I’m getting ready to ink up with Private Reserve Grey Flannel. I think greys are perfect inks for rainy weather! Grey Flannel is really soft and when it dries there are light and dark grey highlights, depending how broad the line is written. It resembles morning rain clouds. ❤



WP_20151022_011 (2) You’d never know how ugly it is outside with this pic, but I promise you it’s raining buckets! Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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