CW Pencil Enterprise Order Arrived TODAY!

Here’s what I ordered:

1x Blue 03 Pocket Notebooks – 3 Pack
4x Tot Jumbo Pencil – Red
2x News Pencil
2x Neon HB Pencil – Yellow
3x Harvest Pencil
2x Choo-Choo Jumbo #2 Pencil
4x Bugle Pencil
1x Big Bear Mini Jumbo Pencil

Here’s what I got:

WP_20151023_010 1

WP_20151023_011 1

WP_20151023_012 1

Once again, she went above and beyond in presentation! I love getting nicely packed packages!

WP_20151023_009 1

WP_20151023_008 1

I cannot wait to use my new pencils!! Happy Scribbing and enjoy! ❤


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