Pencil Prep!


This morning I was organizing my pencil can and pulled out a few and started writing and comparing– and I never realized just how much pencils differ from each other! (I’m basically a pencil n00b…) I’m also really, REALLY excited about my pencil package coming in today from CW Pencil Enterprise. I ordered myself some things that I can’t find locally and a notebook trio. I can’t wait!!

WP_20151023_002I took six pencils and compared them. How they feel, how they write, how they feel while they write. Even the eraser is different! There’s so much to be said about pencils!

WP_20151023_006So, I decided to compare them.

WP_20151023_003The Yoobi pencil was light in color and “waxy” in application. It’s a triangular pencil, so it’s pretty comfortable to write with.

Next I plucked a vintage Sanford Eagle and that one required a TON of pressure to produce even a faint line. It’s a standard 2B, but it was a pain to write with. Not my preference.

Then there’s the Write Bros USA Gold pencil that wrote dark and smooth. It required little work on my end. I enjoy dark, smooth pencils. The lead did wear down pretty fast, though, so that means more maintenance!

The Mitsubishi NanoDia is easily my favorite right now. It’s in my daily rotation. I even used it last night at book club to take notes. It writes dark, smooth, and creamy. Almost too smooth… I kept writing… and writing… and writing…

The Eberhard Faber American pencil was classic, easy and simple. It reminded me of math class.

Last, but not least, was a novelty pencil I bought years ago. It wrote pale, toothy, gritty and was difficult to manipulate on paper. It reminded me of how important a good pencil really is!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!



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