TWSBI Eco 1.1mm Fountain Pen


My JetPens order arrived yesterday just at Hurricane Patricia made landfall on the other side of Mexico. Perfect timing since I’m holed up in my casa for the next few days waiting out record rainfall and hoping we don’t just float away into the ocean.

IMG_1198For under thirty bucks, this really is a nice pen. My only complaint was that it was a bit scratchy, but that’s probably my fault. My dad ordered the exact same one and didn’t have any issues. It’s bigger than I thought, which, for me, is a good thing. I absolutely LOVE how big the reservoir is on this pen! Plus, it’s clear and you can see the ink really well. It makes the Emerald of Chivor THAT much better, as if that was even possible, right? It also fits snugly into my Hightower Bi-fold case by Nock Co.


IMG_1196Aside from the price, the presentation was nice, too. Very minimal with lots (and I mean LOTS) of pictures. Chingos. It’s almost deliberate if you mess this pen up because you have extensive drawn out instructions available at every opening. Plus, you get tools, which reminded me of the broomstick servicing kit Hermione bought Harry in The Prisoner of Azkaban. The Broomstick Servicing Kit comes in a black leather case with silver lettering. It contained a large jar of Fleetwood’s High Finish Handle Police, a pair of silver Tail Twig Clippers, a brass clip on compass, and a Handbook of Do It Yourself Broomcare. Whereas the TWSBI case comes with a wrench, silicone grease, and the actual pen. Not to mention the excessive instructions.

IMG_1199Overall, the TWSBI exceeds my expectations. I didn’t really know what to expect aside from what I read on several other reviews. It’s user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. It did leak a bit into the cap, but I don’t know if that’s because my nib size or if I tweaked the piston fill too much.

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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