J. Herbin Poussiere De Lune (Moon Dust Purple)


I ordered a sample of the J. Herbin “Moon Dust Purple” from JetPens when I placed my TWSBI Eco order. I really, REALLY like the Emerald of Chivor ink and wanted to try something else from the Herbin brand. It was super hard to decide which color I wanted. Greys are my preference right now and although there were some great reds, yellows, and greens, I wanted to tone it down a bit for the fall and winter season. I chose the purple 10ml bottle because purple is kind of close to grey, but funner!

IMG_1202I used my Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator (clear) to try out the ink. One, because I really love the Nemosine pens, and two, because it writes well and has a broad nib. The ink flows smoothly and it’s easy to write with. I don’t feel like it’s “gummy” or that I have to manipulate my pen in a certain way to see the true character of the ink.

IMG_1201It writes beautifully and when it dries it reminds me of several greys that I own. I enjoy a ink that is multifaceted and this one has a lot of facets! Some strokes are deep purple and some are lighter with pastel edges.

IMG_1200$4 per bottle is a decent price for more than a handful of pen fills. A bottle this size will easily last me more than half the year, which for $4 is economically cheaper than a bag of ballpoint pens!

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