More Pencil-y Goodness!


My pencils came in today! After last weeks orders, I decided to get just a few more pencils for myself and some for my husband. Plus, they ( were having a 20% off sale on black pencils for Halloween. This week’s order came with more Musgrave 600 NEWS pencils, but a few newbies, too.


nataraj_logoIndia’s most popular pencil! I ordered several Nataraj pecils, the 621 Ruby HB and the Platinum EXTRA DARK 2B. Both of which I am pleasantly surprised, to be honest. The extra dark platinum pencil is really soft, although it’s no darker than the other pencils I ordered. The 621 Ruby is nice. The wood of the pencil is reddish pink and the lead is crisp, yet it writes dark.




My absolute favorite pencil is the J R Moon Co. “Big Dipper” pencil. J R Moon was one of the first founders and the company’s first president. He previously worked for Linton Pencil Co. and American Pencil Co. Moon Co was founded in 1961 and located in Lewisburg, Tennessee. I like this pencil because of it’s vintage look, and also because it’s a fat pencil. I enjoy writing with “beginner” pencils. The lead is decent enough and while it’s not super dark, it is smooth. I chose the eraser tipped Big Dipper because I personally prefer erasers on the end of my pencils.


I also ordered several erasers. Two of the Koh-I-Noor small white erasers and a teal thermoplastic hexagonal eraser by the same brand. The picture on the website didn’t do this eraser justice. It looked really tiny, but when I opened it it’s actually quite large! The sharp edges are perfect for maneuvering into small spaces for maximum correction!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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