Planner Glam


I had to buy a new planner today. My other one was NOT cutting it. I have so much on my plate that I needed bigger space. I still use my planner companion, but as for my main planner I had to get bigger space to write daily tasks and reminders.

WP_20151029_002The one I bought is a Mead weekly/monthly planner that runs from July to June. I prefer academic yearly planners to January start planners. It was REALLY hard to find an academic planner today, but Target had them hidden with the basic spirals and notebooks. Go figure. It’s wire bound and measures 8 3/4 x 11in and doesn’t have a lot of extras. Just a few “notes” pages in the back and that’s it. Another feature I was in search of.

WP_20151029_003This one is a basic tabbed planner. The calendar space is GIGANTIC and that is a feature I was searching for. I use the calendar pages a lot and really need a lot of space to separate and categorize tasks.

WP_20151029_004There is tons of space in the daily section. Plus, the lettering is in shimmery gold! The planner itself is really thin and when paired with my planner companion they are still thinner combined than my previous planner.

WP_20151029_005TOOLS: iPhone sticky notes, several planner stencils, Pilot FRIXION markers, Staedtler Tri Plus Fineliners, and Ticonderoga Renew pencils. I am attempting to stay as erasable as possible. Many of my appointments move around frequently and I don’t want to fill my planner with white out and scribbles. Not pictured is a Pilot Frixion clicker pen. I am using black, but will probably switch to pink and teal as I move on.

Here’s to hoping this planner is “the one”!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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