On Point! A Classroom Friendly Sharpener Review

WP_20151027_002See this guy? This guy has been around for a while. He’s seen it all and even though he’s old and busted, he gets the job done. He might not always meet specification, but he get’s it done. We are a homeschool family that uses pencils for a majority of our work. My kids are little, 5 and 6, so we still make LOTS of mistakes. I enjoy pencils recreationally and blog about how much I like them here, here, and here.


WP_20151030_007Today I received a sharpener from the guys over at Classroom Friendly Supplies. They were nice enough to send the kids and me a brand new pencil sharpener to try and share with you what we think.

WP_20151030_008This sharpener is the center of excitement in my house right now because while my kids enjoy the thrill of that old Panasonic, it’s just not making the cut. It doesn’t sharpen evenly, sometimes it goes on forever, and the tray is broken. Pencil guts go everywhere! Like I tell my kids: analog is almost always better.

WP_20151030_009We opted for red. I have seen several blogs post reviews on the new purple color, which is actually really pretty, but red is just classic! It’s hot rod red! Paint some flames on it and it’ll look like it can drive right off your desk!

WP_20151030_010It arrived in two pieces. The assembly (and I use that term loosely) really isn’t complex. Just unwrap, stick the metal bar in the hold on the bottom of the sharpener and twist the wing nut until it clamps down on whatever surface you are mounting it to. If you still need help, they offer a pictorial:


That’s IF you want to mount it. We did both. Personally I prefer a free standing sharpener. We travel a lot when we do school. One day we could be at the library, the kitchen table, or at grandpa’s house. To be honest, this sharpener is small enough to be portable. I’m going to put it in a Ziploc freezer bag and carry it in my purse. It’s really that simple.


WP_20151030_011Mounted at my desk and ready to go!

WP_20151030_014First choice: Musgrave Bugle No 2.

WP_20151030_015A perfect point!!!!

I’ll admit I was very skeptical about this sharpener. I have had zero positive experiences with manual sharpeners. When I read that this sharpener produces a perfect point every time, my first thought was: PROVE IT.

WP_20151030_017Three more down and the exact same beautiful point! Easy handling, too. The sharpener just pulls the pencil in as it sharpens without any work from the operator. I even tried some of my husband’s old Crayola colored pencils from his middle school years and yet again, flawless point and an easy operation.

WP_20151030_018ZERO pencil shavings, which if you’re like me, you keep your pencil sharpener near or on your desk. I was concerned that after a few go’s there would be graphite, shavings, and debris all over my desk. Talk about “classroom friendly”! This sharpener is as friendly as it gets!

So, let’s see some kids in action!



WP_20151030_019My six year old adores pencils. After showing him how to put the pencil in the sharpener and the proper way to place your hands, he was a pro! He now declares that he must sharpen all of his pencils. Today. Right now. And that we should throw away the Panasonic because “it’s sick”.


WP_20151030_023Before we figured out that we needed to get the stool, this one just had to try out the new school goodie! She was just way too excited to try out the new sharpener! Even my 5 year old can use this and get the same results I did. And with a cheapie novelty pencil!

WP_20151030_025A perfect point! We decided to keep it free range and removed the mount. It works just as well. Since it sucks the pencil into itself, you don’t have to try to hold down the sharpener while pushing in the pencil.

My final conclusion is that whether you’re a homeschool parent of a few or a school teacher to many, this pencil sharpener is a necessity! It doesn’t matter how “cheap” or how top of the line that pencil is that needs to be sharpened, this sharpener will deliver the best point every time!

**This pencil sharpener was sent to me from Classroom Friendly Supplies for review purposes. These opinions are mine and I strongly urge you to head over to their site and discover how awesome this sharpener is for yourself!

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