APICA CD15 Note Book Trio


While visiting my parents this past week, my dad gifted me a few APICA notebooks. I have been wanting these for a while and have seen them on JetPens.com, Amazon, and have even read reviews about them on other blogs. I wanted them for the size. I like flat notebooks (like the Kokuyo Campus notebooks) that can easily be slid into a bag, purse, or folder. Since I am on the go a lot with my kids, slim notebooks are primo!

WP_20151108_003These are ultra slim. Maybe slightly bigger than a quarter of a centimeter. Very easy to stash them in a messenger bag, purse, or even in a folder. The covers are soft and flexible, so they are great for using in areas where space is limited  – like the driver’s seat, the library, church services, or even road trips!


WP_20151108_005 (2)The paper, which is ultra smooth and creamy, is what set these notebooks apart from say, the Kokuyo books. The lines, which are a bit wider that college rule, but still slimmer than wide rule, don’t go the entire width of the page. There is room for small notes and (for me) doodles, bullet points, or pics.

WP_20151108_004The top has a “No.” line and a “Date” line, plus double bold lines above the start of the lined paper, perfect for titling, something I find useful during my day for easy reference and locating.


WP_20151108_007I used a Nataraj pencil (HB) and was surprised at how gritty the paper felt. Not a bad quality, just a surprising one! Next, I tried a Sharpie pen, which felt like writing on glass. However, it is very visible on the back of the page, something I find really distracting when I take notes. Then I tried several fountain pens. My first pen was a Kaweco Sport using J. Herbin Rouge Caroubier ink. Once again, I was surprised at the resistance of the paper. But, the ink did really well on the page. Next I tried a Nemosine broad nib and it was a lot smoother. The Kaweco is a fine point, so that could have a lot to do with the gritty feel. I used Noodler’s General of the Armies and it was like writing on air. I didn’t have to work very hard to get the pen to move across the paper.

Great notebooks at a great price! One of these will set you back roughly $4.50 or so. Not bad!

Happy Scribbing!

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