Clairefontaine Back To Basics (MINI)


I love mini notebooks! I especially love HIGH quality mini notebooks! It’s a great thing when companies that are known for making great products miniaturize those products to make them easily portable.


Clairefontaine has reproduced its original notebook covers with a modern twist of the iconic French notebook. Collection 1951, combines Clairefontaine’s renowned satin smooth 90g paper and the timeless look of the original covers. It’s an exceptional collection, offering a high-quality vintage look! As they claim, Clairefontaine is the “best paper in the world for writing”. And I’ll be honest, it’s easily in my top three!


I picked these minis up at The Paper Place in Austin, Texas. I bought them specifically for using with my Nock bi-fold and they fit perfectly! I was worried at first because the thickness of the minis are substantially greater than the New York Public Supply Co. notebooks I am currently using. Even using all three pen slots on the left side of the bi-fold the Clairefontaine minis fit well. I am on the go almost daily and having a decent mini notebook on hand really is a joy! Last night, for instance, I left my sermon journal at home and had to use my mini-notebook for note taking. WIN!



The Nock case is a wonderfully made piece! It fits really well in my purse, it’s durable, and it keeps my writing tools neat, organized, and stylish!


The paper in the Clairefontaine minis is creamy, thick, and of course, fountain pen friendly. At only four bucks a book, I highly suggest picking a few up. They also make GREAT stocking stuffers for the pen lover(s) in your life!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!



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