Pencil Factory “Amercian Made” Notepad


I wanted to share with you The Pencil Factory “American Made” Notepad. This paper is thick, creamy, smooth, and rich. It’s not quite fountain pen friendly, but it does well with gel, roller balls, and basic ink pens.  It is, of course, extra friendly to pencils!



There was a lot of ghosting and even some bleeding through the back. Mostly the bleeding was due to size of the nib I was using– a 1.1mm. However, I still wouldn’t recommend this paper if you are sensitive to less than perfection. Since the paper is only lined on one side, it wouldn’t really matter (to me personally…), but I know people that this would drive them bananas. It does not feather or smear or look bad on the writing side and aesthetically it is nice for wet inks and it is practical.


Here I used some pencils and it was a huge improvement. They wrote smoothly, almost like writing on glass, and the graphite didn’t smear.


Overall, if you’re a letter writer or a list maker, I highly recommend this paper. It’s sizeable enough to hold a lot of information, but portable enough to fold in half and stuff in an envelope, planner, or pocket.

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

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