On Vacation with Paper <3 Mate Flair


I bought a pack of Paper<3Mate Flair Limited Edition felt tip pens a few months back during the “back to school” sales and decided to use them today and share with you my thoughts. I purchased the “Tropical Vacation” set that included a purple (Orchid Lei), a blue (Surf’s Up), a pink (Guava), and an orange (Papaya).



The body of the pens lead me to believe the ink color would be on the lighter side, but when I started writing with them I was pleasantly surprised! Each pen (maybe not orange…) wrote with a full bodied color and evenly. Orange is more like an orange sherbert color, but I’m okay with that.


Each pen has a medium felt tip that provides bold and expressive lines. Each pen also has Point Guard that prevents the tip from fraying for extended life. You can see it in this picture: it’s the plastic looking coating around the tip. The branding is correct: the ink doesn’t smear and the ink doesn’t bleed. I haven’t written with a Paper<3Mate Flair in ages, and I have fallen in love all over again!


I enjoy the body of the pen. It’s an easy plastic body that is comfortable in my grip. The cap posts smoothly and the way the point feels on paper makes my handwriting prettier than normal. I’m assuming it’s due to the semi-grittiness of the felt tip on cheap paper. These pens are prime for note taking, journaling, planning, and doodling! I had a hard time deciding which one to use first!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

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