Just in case…


I now have two cases. The one on the right is the  Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag – A5 – Black that I bought on JetPens.com in the Travelers Set. It included a trio of Word. Notebooks the Adventure Log and a pretty nifty Pilot Down Force ballpoint pen. The deciding factor on the this set was a comment/review from someone that previously purchased the Teffa bag and used it as a bible bag for her purse. The bible I keep in my purse takes a beating and this was something I knew I had to have!


It holds my KJV slim, a Word. Adventure Log notebook, two pens, several Reformers Unanimous Gospel tracts,


and a Japanese Life Vermilion B6 notebook (graph) for note taking on the go.

IMG_0105 (1)

It’s very thin and slides neatly into my purse for easy access while protecting my goods.



This case I bought earlier in the week for the same purpose: housing my bible and other goods in my purse to prevent damage. It turns out it makes a PERFECT bag for when I go soul winning or for church. I carries markers, pens, a ruler, gospel tracts, a notebook (standard size), and my KJV large print bible.




The case even has a handle for easy porting. It’s made of durable material and doesn’t load me down. I found it at Mardel for $19.99, but I used a 20% coupon.

If you’re like me and you stuff your purse with books and other important papers, finding a bag insert is a must! Stay protected, stay organized!

Happy Scribbing!


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