Field Notes: Snowblind


My Snowblind three pack came in today!! This is my first Field Notes order from their website and first limited edition purchase. I’ve bought their products from shops, but never a limited run of something. I’m pretty stoked about this!


Here they are turning blue in the sunlight. They used a photochromic ink to make them magic. PHOTOCHROMIC ink changes color when exposed to a specific range of ultraviolet light. The ink appears colorless indoors, but changes to blue in about 15 seconds when exposed to a strong UV source like mid-day sunlight. The color fades away in a few minutes when removed from the UV source. The change is not permanent, and can be repeated.

On their website it says that they took a hit to their profit margin, so buy a few packs to show your support. (I know you will, but it doesn’t hurt to throw it out there…)

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

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