I scored a set of Frixion pens and a new pencil bag.


All are small, but all are much needed for my EDC. This pencil case is small, and, well, cube shaped. Hence the name Cubix I’m guessing. It’s made of super durable canvas material and I chose the arctic orange color. I need to find it easily in the bottom of my purse and I figured the orange would be eye catching.


For being so small it opens so wide! I can easily fit a plethora of pens and pencils and accessories into this bag to get me through my day.



I’m a huge proponent of Pilot’s Frixion line. I own a pack of the markers and several of the clicker pens. The two Slim 038 pens are great! I can’t wait to use them for note taking in my bible. The 0.7 is going to be used for my planner and basic every day writing needs. I absolutely LOVE the fact that these pens are erasable.


You can check these and other awesome stuffs at They offer free shipping on all orders over $25 and trust me, it’s not hard to spend $25. They have awesome stuff!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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