Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator Aqua Fountain Pen


I ordered my husband a gift on and since I got him something I bought myself a gift from him to me. I ordered a Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator in Aqua with a .8mm nib. I am over the moon about this pen. I own two other Singularity demonstrators, but both are with a medium nib. I have to say, this .8mm is, to me, a lot nicer than the TWSBI 1.1mm that I’ve been using.


The aqua color pops! And the Nemosine pen is a great quality pen for a decent price. I paid $14.99 for this pen. I also received a wood pen box and 8 black ink cartridges and the Nemosines come with a convertor. Which is my preference. Immediately I loaded it with De Atramentis “Fog Grey” from my Ink Drop sample pack I received in October.


It’s smooth, easy to maneuver, and the rounded blunt nib makes writing in cursive a breeze. Sometimes broad tips can be a bit scratchy, especially when using my Pelikan italic nibs. This one writes fluidly. The ink flow isn’t as wet as I anticipated. Zero feathering and no bleeding– awesome!


I highly recommend They have GREAT prices and free shipping if you spend over $15. I usually get my orders three business days from the day I place my order. Not bad for free!!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

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