Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy Pen


I picked up a Sheaffer calligraphy pen yesterday at Hobby Lobby for five bucks. Its original price was $8.99, but I had a 50% off coupon and decided that was a pretty good deal. I originally bought the pen to use the nib on my vintage Sheaffer No-Nonsense fountain pens, but after using this pen for a day and a half I decided it’s not ready to be used for parts.



For starters, this isn’t the best Sheaffer money can buy. The nib is super scratchy (that could also be my fault) and the ink flow is heavy. I had a hard time controlling it even on thick made-for-wet-ink paper.


I began using the black ink cartridge it came with. It’s a rich black that wasn’t too bad, but I have other black inks I prefer, so I gutted it. I emptied the cartridge and using a syringe I loaded Emerald of Chivor. EoC is a great ink for broad and calligraphic nibs because of how multifaceted the ink is. The ink was feathering horribly (as you can see above) and there are some spots where the nib quit on me even though it seemed as if a ton of ink were going to come out of it. (See the word “Sheaffer” and you can see the non-existent f’s.)



The nib is extremely square and has no rounded corners, which is probably why it catches when I write. That’s probably something I’m going to have to fix on my end, not necessarily something that is wrong with the pen.



The body of the pen is extremely comfortable! The rubber grip is soft and gummy and molds to the fingers. The plastic casing is light and when posted it doesn’t effect the way the pen writes, which is something that happens to some other pens I own, like the TWSBI. I may even swap out the square nib on this pen for another nib on the No-Nonsense or the “10”. It’s just a bit too scratchy and hard to maneuver for my preference. It’s definitely something I’m going to have to practice using and watch others to see how they write with the calligraphic nib.


Overall, the Sheaffer Calligraphy pen isn’t a bad deal for nine bucks, five with a coupon. For only buying it for the nib, but getting a great body, I think I got a decent deal on it. For everyday scribbing, I don’t recommend this pen. BUT, this pen isn’t made for that, so, if you are a calligraphy aficionado and you have used this pen– let me know what you think!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!



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