Studio Oh! Notebook


I absolutely LOVE Orange Circle Studio’s paper products! The black and white “faith love hope” composition book on the right is a OCS notebook, and the smaller notebook on the left is a Studio Oh! product, which is a division of OCS. I love the paper– it’s smooth and creamy and perfect for wet inks!


I picked up my notebook at Half Price Books for $1.99, which, for a decent paper is a steal!


It’s bright and colorful and a perfect size for my purse or messenger bag because it isn’t a full size notebook.


This paper sample is from the “faith love hope” composition book. I am using a fountain pen here and you can see there is zero feathering! It’ smooth and even– rare for paper in a composition book.



I used several different types of writing instruments on the new notebook to see if it was as good as its counterpart. Turns out, it is! Even the wettest of inks didn’t feather or bleed through. Although the Uniball Air did ghost a bit on the back of the page. But those pens are pure bliss to write with, so I’ll write one sided if I have to when using the Air. Just sayin’. The Uniball Air will change your life.


If you find OCS or Studio Oh! paper products I highly recommend picking them up! They’re affordable and friendly to most writing instruments. Plus, the design is pretty cool. But, if I’m being honest, it could have had just about any design on it and I would have bought it. I have a hard time finding these brands where I live.



Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

Palomino Blackwing 725


I know I’m late to the party, but this has got to be one of THE BEST pencils I have ever used! Not only is it pretty to look at, but it writes phenomenally well! I wasn’t meaning to do a review or another post today, but I was so impressed with this pencil I had to share!


I grabbed it to take notes for my Sunday school class, and I wasn’t really thinking anything of it. When I began writing with it I was shocked at how smooth and dark the graphite of this pencil is! My handwriting is a bit wonky because of how smooth it wrote. I had a difficult time controlling it and I wasn’t even using specialty paper. Just a run of the mill composition book.



I know these guys are pretty pricey, but, man is this pencil nice! I don’t know what I expected, but I knocked out four pages without much effort!


The lead is gorgeous, dark, and smooth. **Sigh** I love a good pencil.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

Pilot Down Force


I’ve been using a ballpoint pen lately for taking notes and jotting down reminders. I received this pen in a student gift pack that I ordered for my BIL for Christmas on I took the pen for myself (he asked for a different set of pens) and am really glad I did!

Comparable to the Tombow Airpress, this pen is great for writing at different angles and can even write on wet paper! I like the durability of the pen. It feels like it can take a daily beating and still write with ease.


It has a sturdy plastic body and a great grip on the bottom half of the pen. At times my hand will get sweaty when I write for long periods of time (or if we are in the heat of the summer…) and having a pen with a grip is a major plus! My grip never loosens when I am writing with this pen. It also boasts a really wide body, which is perfect for those of us with long fingers or big hands. I do not like to write with average Bic style pens with skinny bodies– they just don’t fit my hands!




The clip makes this pen what it is. It’s a clever design and the durability of the clip is great for storing it in folders, binders, journals, planners, and pockets. It says that this pen can be clipped 100,000 times without breaking. That’s impressive!


It has an 0.7mm tip and it writes smoothly. I have been using it to make notes in the margin of my bible, but have also used it for note taking in textbooks, my personal calendar, and on standard writing paper. It doesn’t smear, run, or get sticky or gunky. I don’t usually use ballpoint pens, but this one is in it for the long haul. I honestly have it on my person at all times. I don’t have to worry if it gets lost at the bottom of my purse, a bag, or the floor of my car. This pen can take it.




This pen takes a Pilot BKRF refill. You can pick one up at for $6.75.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


Six Pack of Wooden Pencils From the One Spot


Target has a bunch of new office supplies at the “One Spot”. If you’re not familiar with the “One Spot”, it’s the area (usually by the entrance) that has doo dads and thingies that only cost $1-$3. I don’t usually find things I like in that area, but my kids love it. However, the other day I found a ton really cute office supplies– this six pack of wood pencils being one of them.


They are plain jane pencils– perfect for a minimalist or someone that enjoys simple design. I like the fact they don’t have an eraser and that the ends are paint dipped. The wood looks pretty and the brown paint went well with that.


For some reason it says on the packaging “dipped pencils-metallic”, but they are not metallic. They are brown. Perhaps they were supposed to be gold, but no, they are a light brown a shade or two darker than the wood. I expected these dollar pencils to be cheap garbage because I have been burned by the allure of pretty pencils only to get them home and they don’t sharpen, write scratchy or break. These were NOT those pencils!



I used my Classroom Friendly Sharpener for these pencils because I wanted to ensure a perfect point. This sharpener boasts a “perfect sharpen every time” and they mean it! If this sharpener can’t sharpen your pencil then you have a cheap, garbagy pencil. Period. So, I held my breath as I went to work.


And of course, I got a perfect point. But how does it write, you ask?


Beautifully! The lead is dark and smooth (which is something I prefer) and there was zero breakage. This pencil will most definitely be added to my pencil rotation!



For only a buck, these pencils are worth it for their sleek design and decent performance. If you’re in Target, stop by the “One Spot” and pick up a pack (or two…)!

APICA CD15 Notebook and Gray Flannel


Last night was the first night of our winter revival. That means two preachers, back to back, which means LOTS of note taking! I used an Apica CD15 notebook and a TWSBI Eco 1.1mm  with Private Reserve Gray Flannel ink . I was super curious about the Apica notebooks because my husband uses and goes through A LOT. He uses them for writing out his sermons and Sunday school class notes. He also uses a fountain pen when he does this. He uses the Apica notebook so frequently I have to order them about five at a time either from  or pick up a handful when we visit Book People in Austin (Texas).


The Apica CD15 is an average size notebook.


Except for the spine, which is very thin. These notebooks are PERFECT for travel. You can just slip them in a messenger bag, purse, folder, briefcase, or even inside of another book. They are bendable, yet durable.


You can see the cover is texturized. Although the front and back covers aren’t very thick, I think it makes this notebook even better because it offers some flexibility. I often tuck these types of notebooks into folders. Not having cardstock or cardboard covers makes this ideal for quick storage and on the go transport.



The paper in the Apica CD15 notebook is glossy and super smooth. It’s thick and durable, plus it is perfect for wet ink. Before using a fountain pen my husband used gel inks and this notebook quickly became his favorite. Inks dry quickly on the paper and there is zero feathering, ghosting, bleed through, or smearing. (I’m a righty, so I don’t know if a left handed person would say the same…)



Here is a close up of the ink on the Apica CD15 paper. Using the TWSBI Eco 1.1mm, the pen’s nib glided effortlessly across the notebook. There is zero grit or resistance to this paper. It also shows the personality of the ink nicely.


Even when I dropped ink on the page it didn’t bleed through.


Overall, the only con I can think of is that it doesn’t have a lot of pages. If you’re like my husband who writes A LOT you’ll be blowing through these notebooks pretty fast. They are easy to store, however, so having a lot of them around isn’t a pain in the butt to archive. If you’re like me and you write an average amount for someone who prefers the analog to the digital method of record keeping and note taking, these notebooks are perfect!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!



Word. Adventure  Log


After dealing with a stress fracture in my shin and a late term miscarriage, I am finally ready to begin working out again. I used to workout ALL THE TIME, but health and life sort of got in the way over the last year. I am cleared and ready to go! I wanted a way to keep track of my workouts because I am not going to join a gym. I have worked at and been a member of a gym in the past, but with three kids and our busy homeschool, travel, and church schedule it would be too much like another task rather than something I want and need to do. My day does not need another bullet point!

We live directly across from the high school track (literally– their lights are so close to our house we have to use blackout curtains during football season!) I have zero excuses for running and I went to Academy and bought some weights they had on big time clearance. I am all set and I still spent less than what a month of gym fees would have cost me. Now I need to LOG MY ACTIVITY.

What better way than the Word. Adventure Log pocket notebook??




It’s small enough to tuck into a purse or fit in a pocket and there’s enough room on the page to track my activity, weather, and location.


It’s also fountain pen friendly. There is zero ghosting, feathering, or bleeding! Since I normally only have a fountain pen in my purse it’s great having a quality paper that won’t get boogered up from wet ink. I really want to track my progress since this will be the first time I will be working out outside of a gym.


It slides easily into the front pocket of the bag-in-bag organizer I keep in my purse. I have it peeking out to show you it’s in there, but it slides all the way down and you can’t see the top of it. Perfect for keeping the corners of the notebook from bending.


It’s stapled, not sewn and it’s front and back covers are made of durable cardstock type material. I picked mine up at along with other goodies in the Traveler Gift Pack.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

1820 Essex Konrad Flex (a Noodler’s Pen)


My Konrad 1820 Essex Flex pen came in today from Anderson Pens. This pen was on my “have to have it” list for many reasons, one being the color.


See?? It’s a beautiful vintage green color and plus it’s see-through, which is my favorite! I love seeing the inner workings of fountain pens which is why my favorite pens to use are demonstrators and the TWSBI Eco. There is just something really cool about seeing the guts of the pen.


I was really, Really, REALLY nervous about ordering this pen. I had read a ton of write-ups that this pen was basically garbage. Many people wrote that the pens just never wrote. The ink didn’t flow and the nib skipped and a myriad of other tragedies. One blogger wrote that she flushed her Konrad and cleaned it before initially inking it and her pen worked flawlessly. Something about the oils and stuff in the pen that wouldn’t allow it to function properly. So, that’s what I did. And my pen is FLAWLESS.


See that flex?


I’m guessing that little bear over there is “Konrad”… plus, it’s a “Classic 1950’s style vest pocket pen” and I’m 110% okay with that!


I chose the V-Mail Mandalay Maroon from Noodler’s V-Mail line. I thought it was fitting.



Here we are inked and ready to go! It’s time to put this pen to paper and see how it performs. I was really curious considering all the negative reviews. I was pleasantly surprised!



I used it originally on Crayola drawing paper ( I was too excited to walk across the house and get the nice paper…) and it wrote so well! Zero skipping! I didn’t even have to work with it to get the ink down into the feed. When the nib hit the paper that pen wrote! And wrote well!


Here I used it on actual paper made for wet inks. Since I have been using my LIFE Vermilion B6 notebook I went ahead and scribbed a bit with my Konrad. It wrote really well on the paper and the pen just glides across. I have never used a flex nib and this was a great first experience! I think I am going to add this to my EDC… I just have to decide which pen gets kicked out of ranks.

Here are some pics of the pen specs:

After reading the insert that came with the pen, it’s going to be a bit of a high maintenance utensil, but easy maintenance. I like the blind cap design and the pearl white color of both the blind cap and the main cap. It is clipped, so that’s a plus for me since I like to put pens in pockets. The body of the pen is light and easily fits my hand. For a mere $20, this pen is fantastic! I can’t wait to see what kind of mileage I get out of it!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

LIFE Vermilion Notebook via JetPens


I have heard of and used LIFE paper products before, so the fact that this notebook existed didn’t take me by surprise. However, if I hadn’t ordered the traveler gift pack from JetPens during Christmas I probably more than likely never would have tried the LIFE Vermilion B6 notebook. Meaning I never would have purchased one. I am a person that is set in my ways by the journals and notebooks that I use and because I already know of decent paper for wet inks my search for the best paper has ultimately ceased.


This little notebook has been tucked away in my purse in the Lihit Lab Teffa Bag-in-Bag that came in the traveler gift pack.


(Pic taken from the JetPens website)

Last night at my church’s evening service I realized I had completely forgotten the notebook I usually use for note taking. EEEEK! Then I remembered the bag-in-bag and remembered the LIFE notebook. So I used it and fell in love with LIFE paper products all over again!


My notebook is graph paper, which is a preference, and they have others with lined and plain paper.


This high quality product is made with cream colored paper and is resistant to feathering and bleed-through. It’s also acid free so your scribs will last for a while. I like the stitching on the spine and the simple, minimalistic front and back cover.



This paper is so smooth, it’s like writing on glass. I have a LIFE paper co. writing pad that I use for letter writing, and getting the same quality paper in a pocket size notebook is a relief to someone like me that carries fountain pens only when I travel. Having a back-up notebook that is fountain pen friendly is such a relief!


This morning, out of curiosity, I tried a broader nib than the one I used last night for note taking. Of course it performed flawlessly. I used my Sheaffer 10 last night with J. Herbin ink. I don’t think I use that Sheaffer enough. It’s such a joy to write with!


Here’s the back of the notebook. Yet again, the simplicity of the design is what makes this notebook the most aesthetically pleasing!

You can pick one up on for $3.55 each. The B6 has 32 pages of cream colored high quality paper. This size is perfect for carrying in a purse or a shoulder bag. It’s really too big for stuffing in a pocket, but is great for travel!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

Dixon TRI-Conderoga #2HB


I was at my local big box office supply store when I noticed a buy two get one free sale on ALL WRITING INSTRUMENTS. Well, of course I couldn’t not check out the inventory. To my surprise they had the Tri-Conderoga pencils in stock, which I have been wanting to try for a while now. I am a huge fan of three-sided triangular writing utensils. I think, for me, they are the most ergonomic.


Of course they boast to be “The World’s Most Comfortable Pencil”… but I’m not doubting it due to the shape.


Standard descriptive packaging, AND they came with a sharpener. Not the best pencil sharpener, but I like the cheap plastic ones to use on eyeliner pencils.


These pencils are black and have a “soft touch” finish that is a soft, rubbery texture that is sort of silky yet it doesn’t make your hand sweaty. I prefer this finish and really felt that it enhanced the comfortability of the pencil. You can also see the 3-sided shape, hence the TRI-Conderoga name.


I used the sharpener that came with the pencils and it really yucked up the tip of the pencil. The lead was wonky, so I switched to my KUM sharpener and got a much, MUCH better result!



After sharpening it, I wrote a bit with it on standard writing paper in a composition notebook– nothing fancy or special. Like always, these Ticonderoga pencils were a joy to use. I think these are going to be great for the long haul as they are super comfy.


The #2HB lead is dark, smooth, and very soft to write with. The tip of the pencil was originally very pointed and even with a lot of pressure it didn’t break, which was surprising. The KUM sharpener that I use makes a very narrow point that almost always snaps, regardless of the pencil, and this one held its own.


Overall, this pencil, like all the other Ticonderoga pencils I have used, is a joy to use. I’m very picky about the way a pencil writes, which is why I detest mechanical ones. I have to have my lead just so. Dixon Ticonderoga pencils (and now the TRI-Conderoga line) has outperformed its price. $2.89 for six of them is a bargain, not to mention I got a nice stock pile of them since it was buy two get one free.


If you come across these pencils where you are, I highly recommend a purchase!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!