Diamine 150th Anniversary Ink: Silver Fox


My JetPens.com order arrived today! One of the items I ordered is Diamine’s 150th Anniversary Ink in Silver Fox. I am over the moon about gray ink and this one was too pretty to pass up!



Diamine has been putting out some fantastic inks as of late, and although I have enough sparkly ink to last me a while, my gray collection isn’t as diverse as I would like.

Silver Fox is a beautiful rainy day ink. It resembles a fat, heavy rain cloud and the shading when the ink dries is very pretty.


Here is a swab of it on Crayola watercolor paper. (It was the closest thing around…) and to be honest, the color is a lot lighter than I thought it was going to be. Noodler’s Lexington Gray is very dark, and Private Reserve Flannel Grey is very shadow-y. This one is, well, silver-y.


I used a broad tip nib to play around with it and it’s ultra smooth. Zero skipping and zero clogging. It’s a fairly wet ink, but it seemed to dry quickly on the paper. I’m actually surprised that there’s so little feathering on the Crayola paper because even though it’s watercolor paper, it’s a very think watercolor paper. **Good to know**


There are other colors in the 150th anniversary ink, but this gray takes the cake! I’ll be using this one for a while since it’s cold, damp, and rainy here on the South Coast of Texas. Pick up a bottle at JetPens.com or GouletPens.com– both are great places to shop and have competitive prices.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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