Dixon TRI-Conderoga #2HB


I was at my local big box office supply store when I noticed a buy two get one free sale on ALL WRITING INSTRUMENTS. Well, of course I couldn’t not check out the inventory. To my surprise they had the Tri-Conderoga pencils in stock, which I have been wanting to try for a while now. I am a huge fan of three-sided triangular writing utensils. I think, for me, they are the most ergonomic.


Of course they boast to be “The World’s Most Comfortable Pencil”… but I’m not doubting it due to the shape.


Standard descriptive packaging, AND they came with a sharpener. Not the best pencil sharpener, but I like the cheap plastic ones to use on eyeliner pencils.


These pencils are black and have a “soft touch” finish that is a soft, rubbery texture that is sort of silky yet it doesn’t make your hand sweaty. I prefer this finish and really felt that it enhanced the comfortability of the pencil. You can also see the 3-sided shape, hence the TRI-Conderoga name.


I used the sharpener that came with the pencils and it really yucked up the tip of the pencil. The lead was wonky, so I switched to my KUM sharpener and got a much, MUCH better result!



After sharpening it, I wrote a bit with it on standard writing paper in a composition notebook– nothing fancy or special. Like always, these Ticonderoga pencils were a joy to use. I think these are going to be great for the long haul as they are super comfy.


The #2HB lead is dark, smooth, and very soft to write with. The tip of the pencil was originally very pointed and even with a lot of pressure it didn’t break, which was surprising. The KUM sharpener that I use makes a very narrow point that almost always snaps, regardless of the pencil, and this one held its own.


Overall, this pencil, like all the other Ticonderoga pencils I have used, is a joy to use. I’m very picky about the way a pencil writes, which is why I detest mechanical ones. I have to have my lead just so. Dixon Ticonderoga pencils (and now the TRI-Conderoga line) has outperformed its price. $2.89 for six of them is a bargain, not to mention I got a nice stock pile of them since it was buy two get one free.


If you come across these pencils where you are, I highly recommend a purchase!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!




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