Monami Essenti Stick “Soft”Dry Highlighters


My order arrived on Friday and aside from the Diamine 150th Anniversary ink (Silver Fox) I picked up a set of the Monami Essenti Stick Dry Highlighters in “soft” colors. I wrote about the bright colors here and because I really like this brand of highlighters I ordered the set. The brights I ordered from were bought as singles.



The “bright” Essenti stick (left) is a lot dryer and writes a lot rougher than the “soft” Essenti stick (right). There really is a difference in each highlighter, although in the pictures you really can’t tell. To me, the biggest difference was more in the way it felt on the paper than the actual difference in color, which was minimal.



I tried to compare them by color, but I only have three “bright” colors, but honestly there really wasn’t a huge difference. The “soft” colors are softer, but in the pictures you can’t really tell. Like, I mentioned above, it the only real difference was the way the highlighter felt on paper.


See? Just a tad bit softer.



The pink Essenti Stick did have a much more noticeable color difference.


Because of the softness of the Essenti Stick “soft” colors, I was interested to see if it smeared when used on wet ink. The “bright” Essenti Sticks do not smear when used on wet inks, but they also write a lot drier than the “soft” sticks. Immediately after writing I used the pink and it smudged a tad bit and you can sort of see it, but it wouldn’t distort the ink if it were handwriting– it would still be legible. Next I used the yellow and there was zero smudging and the same with the blue. I really, really like the Essenti Stick line of dry (gel) highlighters. Both soft and bright, I highly recommend them. I use them mostly for bible highlighting and book highlighting, but these would be perfect for documents! They are “ink jet safe”.

IMG_0397For six bucks at, these highlighters are a steal! They make a perfect add-on item (I ordered the Diamine ink for $18.50 and needed to hit $25 to qualify for free shipping…).

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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