1820 Essex Konrad Flex (a Noodler’s Pen)


My Konrad 1820 Essex Flex pen came in today from Anderson Pens. This pen was on my “have to have it” list for many reasons, one being the color.


See?? It’s a beautiful vintage green color and plus it’s see-through, which is my favorite! I love seeing the inner workings of fountain pens which is why my favorite pens to use are demonstrators and the TWSBI Eco. There is just something really cool about seeing the guts of the pen.


I was really, Really, REALLY nervous about ordering this pen. I had read a ton of write-ups that this pen was basically garbage. Many people wrote that the pens just never wrote. The ink didn’t flow and the nib skipped and a myriad of other tragedies. One blogger wrote that she flushed her Konrad and cleaned it before initially inking it and her pen worked flawlessly. Something about the oils and stuff in the pen that wouldn’t allow it to function properly. So, that’s what I did. And my pen is FLAWLESS.


See that flex?


I’m guessing that little bear over there is “Konrad”… plus, it’s a “Classic 1950’s style vest pocket pen” and I’m 110% okay with that!


I chose the V-Mail Mandalay Maroon from Noodler’s V-Mail line. I thought it was fitting.



Here we are inked and ready to go! It’s time to put this pen to paper and see how it performs. I was really curious considering all the negative reviews. I was pleasantly surprised!



I used it originally on Crayola drawing paper ( I was too excited to walk across the house and get the nice paper…) and it wrote so well! Zero skipping! I didn’t even have to work with it to get the ink down into the feed. When the nib hit the paper that pen wrote! And wrote well!


Here I used it on actual paper made for wet inks. Since I have been using my LIFE Vermilion B6 notebook I went ahead and scribbed a bit with my Konrad. It wrote really well on the paper and the pen just glides across. I have never used a flex nib and this was a great first experience! I think I am going to add this to my EDC… I just have to decide which pen gets kicked out of ranks.

Here are some pics of the pen specs:

After reading the insert that came with the pen, it’s going to be a bit of a high maintenance utensil, but easy maintenance. I like the blind cap design and the pearl white color of both the blind cap and the main cap. It is clipped, so that’s a plus for me since I like to put pens in pockets. The body of the pen is light and easily fits my hand. For a mere $20, this pen is fantastic! I can’t wait to see what kind of mileage I get out of it!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

One thought on “1820 Essex Konrad Flex (a Noodler’s Pen)

  1. whereismyvape says:

    I, too, love this pen! The aesthetics are right up my alley; the translucent aqua barrel looks like sea glass and the curves on the plastic silver caps complete the midcentury modern look. Plus the pen wrote super smoothly right out of the box- I didn’t even flush mine before inking, being too excited to try it out to remember. I had gotten the ebonite Konrad before this, and I must admit, I like the $20 version so l much better. There’s no difference really in writing quality, but because the 1820 Essex Konrad is such a cheap (in price only, not in the manufacturing at all) pen, I don’t feel like I have to treat it as if it were precious. Great review. Thanks for standing up for an American company!


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