LIFE Vermilion Notebook via JetPens


I have heard of and used LIFE paper products before, so the fact that this notebook existed didn’t take me by surprise. However, if I hadn’t ordered the traveler gift pack from JetPens during Christmas I probably more than likely never would have tried the LIFE Vermilion B6 notebook. Meaning I never would have purchased one. I am a person that is set in my ways by the journals and notebooks that I use and because I already know of decent paper for wet inks my search for the best paper has ultimately ceased.


This little notebook has been tucked away in my purse in the Lihit Lab Teffa Bag-in-Bag that came in the traveler gift pack.


(Pic taken from the JetPens website)

Last night at my church’s evening service I realized I had completely forgotten the notebook I usually use for note taking. EEEEK! Then I remembered the bag-in-bag and remembered the LIFE notebook. So I used it and fell in love with LIFE paper products all over again!


My notebook is graph paper, which is a preference, and they have others with lined and plain paper.


This high quality product is made with cream colored paper and is resistant to feathering and bleed-through. It’s also acid free so your scribs will last for a while. I like the stitching on the spine and the simple, minimalistic front and back cover.



This paper is so smooth, it’s like writing on glass. I have a LIFE paper co. writing pad that I use for letter writing, and getting the same quality paper in a pocket size notebook is a relief to someone like me that carries fountain pens only when I travel. Having a back-up notebook that is fountain pen friendly is such a relief!


This morning, out of curiosity, I tried a broader nib than the one I used last night for note taking. Of course it performed flawlessly. I used my Sheaffer 10 last night with J. Herbin ink. I don’t think I use that Sheaffer enough. It’s such a joy to write with!


Here’s the back of the notebook. Yet again, the simplicity of the design is what makes this notebook the most aesthetically pleasing!

You can pick one up on for $3.55 each. The B6 has 32 pages of cream colored high quality paper. This size is perfect for carrying in a purse or a shoulder bag. It’s really too big for stuffing in a pocket, but is great for travel!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

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