Word. Adventure  Log


After dealing with a stress fracture in my shin and a late term miscarriage, I am finally ready to begin working out again. I used to workout ALL THE TIME, but health and life sort of got in the way over the last year. I am cleared and ready to go! I wanted a way to keep track of my workouts because I am not going to join a gym. I have worked at and been a member of a gym in the past, but with three kids and our busy homeschool, travel, and church schedule it would be too much like another task rather than something I want and need to do. My day does not need another bullet point!

We live directly across from the high school track (literally– their lights are so close to our house we have to use blackout curtains during football season!) I have zero excuses for running and I went to Academy and bought some weights they had on big time clearance. I am all set and I still spent less than what a month of gym fees would have cost me. Now I need to LOG MY ACTIVITY.

What better way than the Word. Adventure Log pocket notebook??




It’s small enough to tuck into a purse or fit in a pocket and there’s enough room on the page to track my activity, weather, and location.


It’s also fountain pen friendly. There is zero ghosting, feathering, or bleeding! Since I normally only have a fountain pen in my purse it’s great having a quality paper that won’t get boogered up from wet ink. I really want to track my progress since this will be the first time I will be working out outside of a gym.


It slides easily into the front pocket of the bag-in-bag organizer I keep in my purse. I have it peeking out to show you it’s in there, but it slides all the way down and you can’t see the top of it. Perfect for keeping the corners of the notebook from bending.


It’s stapled, not sewn and it’s front and back covers are made of durable cardstock type material. I picked mine up at JetPens.com along with other goodies in the Traveler Gift Pack.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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