APICA CD15 Notebook and Gray Flannel


Last night was the first night of our winter revival. That means two preachers, back to back, which means LOTS of note taking! I used an Apica CD15 notebook and a TWSBI Eco 1.1mm  with Private Reserve Gray Flannel ink . I was super curious about the Apica notebooks because my husband uses and goes through A LOT. He uses them for writing out his sermons and Sunday school class notes. He also uses a fountain pen when he does this. He uses the Apica notebook so frequently I have to order them about five at a time either from JetPens.com  or pick up a handful when we visit Book People in Austin (Texas).


The Apica CD15 is an average size notebook.


Except for the spine, which is very thin. These notebooks are PERFECT for travel. You can just slip them in a messenger bag, purse, folder, briefcase, or even inside of another book. They are bendable, yet durable.


You can see the cover is texturized. Although the front and back covers aren’t very thick, I think it makes this notebook even better because it offers some flexibility. I often tuck these types of notebooks into folders. Not having cardstock or cardboard covers makes this ideal for quick storage and on the go transport.



The paper in the Apica CD15 notebook is glossy and super smooth. It’s thick and durable, plus it is perfect for wet ink. Before using a fountain pen my husband used gel inks and this notebook quickly became his favorite. Inks dry quickly on the paper and there is zero feathering, ghosting, bleed through, or smearing. (I’m a righty, so I don’t know if a left handed person would say the same…)



Here is a close up of the ink on the Apica CD15 paper. Using the TWSBI Eco 1.1mm, the pen’s nib glided effortlessly across the notebook. There is zero grit or resistance to this paper. It also shows the personality of the ink nicely.


Even when I dropped ink on the page it didn’t bleed through.


Overall, the only con I can think of is that it doesn’t have a lot of pages. If you’re like my husband who writes A LOT you’ll be blowing through these notebooks pretty fast. They are easy to store, however, so having a lot of them around isn’t a pain in the butt to archive. If you’re like me and you write an average amount for someone who prefers the analog to the digital method of record keeping and note taking, these notebooks are perfect!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!




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