Six Pack of Wooden Pencils From the One Spot


Target has a bunch of new office supplies at the “One Spot”. If you’re not familiar with the “One Spot”, it’s the area (usually by the entrance) that has doo dads and thingies that only cost $1-$3. I don’t usually find things I like in that area, but my kids love it. However, the other day I found a ton really cute office supplies– this six pack of wood pencils being one of them.


They are plain jane pencils– perfect for a minimalist or someone that enjoys simple design. I like the fact they don’t have an eraser and that the ends are paint dipped. The wood looks pretty and the brown paint went well with that.


For some reason it says on the packaging “dipped pencils-metallic”, but they are not metallic. They are brown. Perhaps they were supposed to be gold, but no, they are a light brown a shade or two darker than the wood. I expected these dollar pencils to be cheap garbage because I have been burned by the allure of pretty pencils only to get them home and they don’t sharpen, write scratchy or break. These were NOT those pencils!



I used my Classroom Friendly Sharpener for these pencils because I wanted to ensure a perfect point. This sharpener boasts a “perfect sharpen every time” and they mean it! If this sharpener can’t sharpen your pencil then you have a cheap, garbagy pencil. Period. So, I held my breath as I went to work.


And of course, I got a perfect point. But how does it write, you ask?


Beautifully! The lead is dark and smooth (which is something I prefer) and there was zero breakage. This pencil will most definitely be added to my pencil rotation!



For only a buck, these pencils are worth it for their sleek design and decent performance. If you’re in Target, stop by the “One Spot” and pick up a pack (or two…)!

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