Pilot Down Force


I’ve been using a ballpoint pen lately for taking notes and jotting down reminders. I received this pen in a student gift pack that I ordered for my BIL for Christmas on JetPens.com. I took the pen for myself (he asked for a different set of pens) and am really glad I did!

Comparable to the Tombow Airpress, this pen is great for writing at different angles and can even write on wet paper! I like the durability of the pen. It feels like it can take a daily beating and still write with ease.


It has a sturdy plastic body and a great grip on the bottom half of the pen. At times my hand will get sweaty when I write for long periods of time (or if we are in the heat of the summer…) and having a pen with a grip is a major plus! My grip never loosens when I am writing with this pen. It also boasts a really wide body, which is perfect for those of us with long fingers or big hands. I do not like to write with average Bic style pens with skinny bodies– they just don’t fit my hands!




The clip makes this pen what it is. It’s a clever design and the durability of the clip is great for storing it in folders, binders, journals, planners, and pockets. It says that this pen can be clipped 100,000 times without breaking. That’s impressive!


It has an 0.7mm tip and it writes smoothly. I have been using it to make notes in the margin of my bible, but have also used it for note taking in textbooks, my personal calendar, and on standard writing paper. It doesn’t smear, run, or get sticky or gunky. I don’t usually use ballpoint pens, but this one is in it for the long haul. I honestly have it on my person at all times. I don’t have to worry if it gets lost at the bottom of my purse, a bag, or the floor of my car. This pen can take it.




This pen takes a Pilot BKRF refill. You can pick one up at JetPens.com for $6.75.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!



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