Studio Oh! Notebook


I absolutely LOVE Orange Circle Studio’s paper products! The black and white “faith love hope” composition book on the right is a OCS notebook, and the smaller notebook on the left is a Studio Oh! product, which is a division of OCS. I love the paper– it’s smooth and creamy and perfect for wet inks!


I picked up my notebook at Half Price Books for $1.99, which, for a decent paper is a steal!


It’s bright and colorful and a perfect size for my purse or messenger bag because it isn’t a full size notebook.


This paper sample is from the “faith love hope” composition book. I am using a fountain pen here and you can see there is zero feathering! It’ smooth and even– rare for paper in a composition book.



I used several different types of writing instruments on the new notebook to see if it was as good as its counterpart. Turns out, it is! Even the wettest of inks didn’t feather or bleed through. Although the Uniball Air did ghost a bit on the back of the page. But those pens are pure bliss to write with, so I’ll write one sided if I have to when using the Air. Just sayin’. The Uniball Air will change your life.


If you find OCS or Studio Oh! paper products I highly recommend picking them up! They’re affordable and friendly to most writing instruments. Plus, the design is pretty cool. But, if I’m being honest, it could have had just about any design on it and I would have bought it. I have a hard time finding these brands where I live.



Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

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