Pelikan Twist!


I have fallen in love with my Pelikan Twist! all over again! The twist is a junior fountain pen, created for little ones learning to write with fountain pens. I really enjoy the Pelikan kids’ line of pens and this one is too much fun not to share with you!


It’s obviously called a “twist” because of its body shape. The pink grip is gummy and feels really nice once gripped. The lines look harsh, but when it’s in your hand it conforms really well. The body is a hard plastic and while the cap will post, it’s sort of a forced post, so I don’t. The pen body is a little bit longer than 5 inches when the cap is off, and it’s 5.5 inches when capped. The pen is a wide body, so if that’s your preference (like mine) this is the pen for you!


The nib on this pen is a joy to write with. It writes smooth and I have yet to have it skip. I did bend the nib while writing (being an idiot…) so, if this pen is for a novice or a child, be careful with the amount of pressure you apply while writing.


The pen boasts traditional Pelikan emblems and logos.



I was using the Twist! for note taking and I am writing on Apica paper. I don’t know what ink I am using– I just installed a random cartridge in it this morning. I want to say it was a cartridge I got with my Nemosine Demonstrator Singularity pen. But you can see from the writing sample how broad the stroke is. Very wet ink, too!

It’s priced under twenty dollars, which isn’t too brutal on the wallet. Don’t forget to watch for whether or not you are ordering a lefty or righty pen, because they do make one for each.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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