Pilot Frixion Ball


My current favorite when it comes to a run of the mill pen for daily use is the Pilot Frixion line. They’re refillable, smooth, and of course ERASEABLE!


The pens are wide and made of durable plastic. The eraser is that white ball on the end of the pen. What’s great about erasing with a Frixion pen is that there is ZERO debris!


I found this set of capped 0.7mm Fine black Frixion pens at Mardel Christian Bookstore (of all places!). I have seen Frixion clickers, but a capped version was something I didn’t even know existed. The only thing that I suggest is that the pen have erasers on both ends. If you a person that posts (as do I) you will be trying to erase with the end of the plastic cap instead of the eraser that’s on the butt of the pen.


The ink is thick and smooth and it erases almost instantly without smearing. It truly is erasable ink. I absolutely love using these pens in my planner. The Frixion line is perfect for someone that is constantly having to move things around. I like not having to use a ton of whiteout or make ugly strikethroughs.




So far, I have used almost all of the Pilot Frixion styles. The only thing I haven’t used yet are the highlighters, but plan on doing that soon. I have both the pastel and the neon colors and I am really curious as to how they erase. The Frixion Colors markers (top green) are another pen I use in my planner for color coding. They erase easily, too, which is something I didn’t expect from a marker.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

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