Stabilo Pen 68


My Amazon package from my dad came in today and one of the things I received was a 10-pack of Stabilo Pen 68 markers (1mm). I was a bit iffy about them at first because I’m not a huge fan of marker pens that have a soft tip and I was also concerned about whether or not I could use them for writing. I really enjoy using Paper Mate Flair pens and I was hoping these pens were something like that. Well, they’re not. But, that’s not all bad.


They came in a somewhat disposable plastic case, but you can bend the case to make an easy access stand that is quite convenient.


The back of packaging is basic, run of the mill packaging explaining the product and uses, etc.


The tip is large and soft. The ink is very wet and the pen writes smoothly. I prefer these Stabilo pens over the fineliner pens.


It does write like a marker, but these pens are going to be great for color coding notes and perhaps even using in some of my coloring books.


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

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