Cambridge Writing Pad


I’ve had this writing pad for a while now and the other day I was in a jam and needed something portable and durable to use for jotting down ideas and notes. Since I was in a hurry I grabbed the closest thing to me: the Cambridge writing pad (by Mead). It seems as if I am always in a hurry these days and needing a journal or notebook as I fly out the door.

It’s made with thick heavyweight bond paper with a stiff back for easier writing. It’s a wire bound notebook, not my top choice, but I really like the Cambridge line Mead has out.



It’s bigger than pocket size, yet it’s substantially smaller than an average spiral notebook. It’s thick and the paper is pretty thick. The pages are not perforated at the binding, so it tugs a bit when ripping them out.



While there isn’t anything extraordinary about this notebook, it is nice to have an executive travel size office product that can be transported without compromising the binding or cover. It’s also decently fountain friendly.


Since I have been using the notebook for a while, I wanted to try a handful of different types of pens to see how the paper handled multiple styles of ink.

The only “pen” that boogered up the paper was the PrismaColor marker, but doesn’t really count because it’s a marker. I was just curious as to how much ink I could put on the paper before it bled.


See? It bled right through the back…


and even onto the next page. Since that’s not the purpose of this notebook, it’s not a detractor. The best thing this handy notebook offers is super thick pages. They truly are durable and take wet ink like a champ. I highly recommend one!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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