Office Depot Index Card Pad


This index card pad is putting the FUN in FUNctional! I found this at my local big box office supply store by chance and picked one up because the thought of having note cards stuck together was actually appealing! Sometimes having a stack of index cards isn’t a something that is sustainable in my house, especially when my kids are running around all willy nilly. Plus, having the notecard inverted is a useful concept as well.


It has very flexible binding. It can bend all the way in the opposite direction without compromising the glue. I did this several times each in a different spot and it didn’t come undone. Lovely!



Here you can see the thickness of the pad and that it is top bound with a clear glue. The cards pull effortlessly and are great for making notes and jotting down reminders and then tucking the card away in a wallet, purse, or book.


Since I was already using my Nemosine Singularity Demonstrator (converted to an eye dropper pen!) I tried using it on the card. I was interested to see if this note card, like so many before, hates fountain pens. I was pleasantly surprised that it took the ink really well. There was zero feathering and what makes it even better is that it didn’t bleed through the other side!



I wasn’t actively seeking an index card pad when I picked up this gem at Office Depot. In fact, I was shopping for a desk light for my husband. I was then commissioned by my father to seek out a Bic Kids mechanical pencil in any other color than blue. It just so happened the index cards were next to the kid stuffs. For a couple of bucks, this pad of cards is pretty sweet! And useful!

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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