Callifolio Ink “Teodora”


It was one of those times where it was way past my bed time and I was internetting and reading blog after blog and I checked out a pretty neat place called Vanness Pens. I had heard of them, but I had never been to their website to check out their inventory. I am really glad I did because I found an awesome bottle of ink! When I received my package (after only two days of waiting!) it was filled with some extra goodies: a candy, an awesome sticker, and a sample of Noodler’s midnight blue! That’s why I like shopping with “mom and pop” and independent type stores– they always go the extra mile!


It’s a bottle of Callifolio Ink in “Teodora”. It’s special to me because my mother in law and my daughter both share that name. Honestly, the ink could have been any color and I would have bought it. BUT, I scored because it is a REALLY pretty color of blue!


The bottle is shaped like the Diamine 150th anniversary ink bottle: it’s a triangular glass bottle with a sturdy plastic twist on cap. The sticker on the front is minimal and it looks hand crafted, something that I adore about this line of ink.





It’s a beautiful shade of blue-ish green. It dries very fast and is smooth. My pen seemed to enjoy it, too, because there wasn’t any skipping. It’s simple and fun. The color is a lot brighter than the sample Vanness Pens posted on their site, but they do tell you that in the disclaimer. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but this color surpasses it!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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