Chesterfield Antique Inks


I ordered four of the Chesterfield Antique Ink small bottles from They had them for $3.99 each, so I stocked up on some various shades. They offer free shipping when you spend $15 or more, so this was a bargain!


This is a swab of Antique Yankee. I do not like blue inks, but I ordered this one for my husband. He really likes it. The swab is a lot lighter than what the pen produced.


It’s a deeper blue when using a fine nib.


Antique Slate is the gray color that I boogered up by dropping some Yankee over it. I’m ham hands tonight, and am covered in ink! But you can see how light and powdery the slate color is.


Once again the ink was darker when using a nib. I used a broad Kaweco nib for this sample since I already had a pen loaded with it.


Antique Crimson was interesting. It looks like a bright pinkish red, but when I used it in a pen it was a deep jewel tone color.


See the difference? I am pleasantly surprised. After I swabbed the ink onto watercolor paper I was a little disappointed because I do not like bright red inks. Buy, yayyy for it being darker!


Antique Raspberry is what I am using in my Monteverde Crystal pen at the moment. It’s a beautiful brown-red wine color, almost like dried blood. It is very pleasing to look at after writing with it.


It’s an honest color true to the color swab. I like that it is a bit brown, but still has a hint of pinkish red.


Antique Copper is a color I bought back  the beginning of November because I wanted a fall ink color. It took a while to grow on me because it is a very loud copper color. However, after using it in my TWSBI Eco with a 1.1mm nib, this ink is very pretty.


If you haven’t picked up Chesterfield’s Antique Inks, I highly recommend you do. Pop off at and pick up a bottle (or four!) and enjoy and Happy Scribbing!



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