Noodler’s Violet Vote (Final Run)


I picked up a bottle of Noodler’s Violet Vote from Goulet Pens (.com) and it was the last and final run of this ink. Formerly known as “Iraqi Indigo”, this ink has some political charge behind it. You can check out some commentary here at this source. I learned about this ink while watching a Goulet Pens Q&A video on YouTube. I don’t have a purple ink, besides a teeny tiny bottle of J Herbin Moon Dust Purple. What better way to add some purple to my collection than a last run of something?





I used my TWSBI Eco with a 1.1mm nib to try this ink. I wanted to use a broad nib to see the personality of the ink and to check the wetness. Like always, Noodler’s did a swell job on this ink. It is eternal, which means it’s FOREVAH. It’s permanent and great for those of you who work with documents. What I like the most about this ink is that it’s not too purple. I was worried it would be a bit “in your face”, but it’s a soft, delicate purple. It doesn’t have a lot of color variation, but I didn’t expect it to. The only con is that it smells like latex paint, but I knew it was going to smell funny before I bought it because a bunch of other people said the same thing. But they were right– it does!

I tested this ink on Maruman paper, which is very smooth and fountain pen friendly. The ink dried quickly for as wet as it went down. It didn’t feather or bleed through– perfection!




Goulet Pens has since sold out of this ink, but if you can get your hands on a bottle I highly recommend you do!


Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!


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