Uni-ball Signo RT1 0.38mm


I ordered from JetPens last week for my husband (he is now the proud owner of a TWSBI Eco!) and added some Uniball Signo RT1 0.38mm pens to round out the order. I chose the colored bodies with black ink because I think these are the prettiest (PINK!) and I don’t really like colored ink aside from fountain pens. Although JetPens does have a huge selection of the colored pens with colored ink if that’s your thing.



The 0.38mm tip is ideal for note taking in small spaces. I ordered these pens for bible marking and the smoothness of the design is perfect for writing on delicate onion skin paper.


The body is smooth and plastic with a clicker clip. The grip is rubber and blends into the barrel making it comfortable to write with and not a bulky fit in your hand or pocket. I think the grip is one of the best things about these pens. You can tell it’s there, you can feel it’s there, but it’s not bulky or smooshy. These pens also take a Uni UMR-83 Gel Pen Refill (about $1.35 on JetPens…) so you can reuse the pen. That’s something I like to do when I get attached to a certain design of a pen.



The ink flowed effortlessly as soon as I took off the protective rubber coating on the tip. It’s very dark, but not too wet, and since the tip is a finer tip it’s great for fitting in writing in those hard to reach spots. The pens feel durable, which is great for me since a lot of my pens get tossed into the bottom of my purse or used by my kiddos. I’m really looking forward to putting some mileage on these pens.

Enjoy and Happy Scribbing!

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